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Spring Concert Parent Information

CCDC '22 Spring Concert Logo - Final.png

6300 Georgetown Blvd Ste 105, Eldersburg, MD 21784 






Things to Do: 


  1. Volunteer to help out

  2. Purchase tights, shoes, etc. 

  3. Purchase performance tickets 

  4. Order a video (optional) 

  5. Sign-up to have pictures taken (optional) 

  6. Place a program ad or dancer shout-out (optional) 

  7. Schedule babysitter or helper as needed 

A Letter from Ms. Megan, Artistic Director

Dear Dancers and Parents, 


Production week will be here shortly!  This packet is designed to provide all the details necessary to have a successful production.  PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION CAREFULLY.  Keep this packet close at hand and do not lose it!  Your questions about scheduling, make-up, hair, etc. should be covered within the packet.  If you have additional questions, please ask.  I want to be sure that everyone is prepared for the concert and knows what to expect. 


Our mutual success depends upon full cooperation.  Please continue your careful adherence to promptness and the guidelines devised to assure each dancer the best possible experience.  Let's keep remembering how much the dancers enjoy this, and that all we do is to help the performers.  All rehearsals during production week and the weekends prior to performance are mandatory.  Remember that dance is very much a team effort, and do not let your fellow dancers down.  Please do not ask teachers for special exceptions, they are very busy with choreography, classes, and rehearsals.  The purpose of the contract that all dancers and parents have signed is to avoid last minute conflicts and absences.  Please call Mrs. Logee directly if you have any questions or need to review your contract. 


Thank you to all the families who participated in our fundraising opportunities or made a donation toward the production.  If you did not get a chance before, please consider making a donation or placing an advertisement or dancer shout-out in the program.  


Full weekend rehearsals at the studio begin April 23 - 24.  A schedule will be posted weekly on the lobby bulletin board outside the office and on the studio website at  Dancers and parents of younger dancers are responsible for keeping up with notices on the bulletin board and knowing when rehearsals are.  The weekend rehearsal schedule for April 23 - 24 will be posted on April 4th. 


Carroll County Dance Center’s 2022 Student Concert featuring Graduation Ball and Bon Voyage will be held at the Panther Performance Center (formerly North Carroll High School) in Hampstead on Saturday, May 14th at 1:00pm and Sunday, May 15th at 3:00pm.  All dancers perform in both shows. 


I look forward to working with all of you! 



Megan Logee, Artistic Director 

A Letter from Ms. Megan


Please be sure that your family volunteers in some way to help us with the production.  We need help from all of you.  We ask that you volunteer backstage during the rehearsals on Wednesday through Friday of production week, watch one performance from the audience and volunteer backstage during the alternate performance.  We cannot do it without you!!  Please look through the following list of jobs and sign up for one or more here.  We need every family to volunteer to help backstage. 


Chaperone – Chaperones are responsible for a group of children during rehearsals and performances at the theatre.  Duties include ensuring the safety of all children in the group, making sure dancers are dressed appropriately and prepared to dance, and occupying children while they are waiting to dance. 

Wardrobe Assistant/Dresser – Wardrobe Assistants work under the direction of our costume mistress, Kimberly Metzer.  They are responsible for the overall care of costumes, helping dancers with costume changes, and other costume duties as assigned by Mrs. Metzer. 

Stage Crew – This is a great job for dads who would like to help out!  (Moms are welcome too!)  Stage crew duties include transporting set and prop pieces, loading equipment in and out of the theater, and working with backstage equipment during rehearsals and performances. 

Runner – This is a backstage job during rehearsals and performances at the theatre.  Runners are responsible for calling dancers from the dressing rooms to backstage, making sure they are ready to dance at the appropriate times.  This job involves a lot of walking. 

Props Manager – The props manager works closely with the stage crew and is responsible for all props backstage during rehearsals and performances at the theatre.  This includes keeping track of all props during the performance and ensuring that all props are set before each run and returned to the appropriate places at the end of each day.   

Publicity Committee – This committee is responsible for making sure we have an audience!  We have an incredible production and we would like as many people to see it as possible.  Duties include exploring and executing different publicity options and distributing flyers and posters. 

Doorperson – Another great job for dads!  The doorperson provides security for our dancers by allowing only authorized people in and out of the backstage area.  He/she is responsible for seeing to it that all dancers are signed in and out.  The doorperson is the first to arrive and last to leave for each rehearsal and performance at the theater. 

Lobby Sales – Volunteers will sell bottled water and distribute DVD forms as necessary in the lobby before the show, during intermissions, and after the show. 

Ticket Sales – We need volunteers to sell tickets and hand out will call tickets at the Panther Performance Center on May 14th and May 15th. 

Prop/Set Construction – There are several small props that need to be borrowed or constructed in the next few weeks.  If you are at all crafty or like light construction projects this is the perfect way for you to help out. 

Ushers – Ushers will collect tickets, hand-out programs and assist with getting everyone seated.  Ushers are also responsible for monitoring the audience during the show and reminding patrons that photography and recording devices are not allowed. 



Purchasing Supplies

Dancers are expected to provide their own tights, shoes, make-up and hair supplies necessary for the performance.  Please review the supply list below.  Make sure you check for each piece your dancer is in!  Dancers with quick changes may wear a nude camisole leotard or full body tights under their costumes.  What about underwear?  Dancers wear tights or dance belts for that purpose.  Do not wear underpants or shorts.  One pantyline can ruin the entire stage picture of beautifully costumed dancers.  Do not let it be your drawers that everyone goes home talking about! 

Purchasing Supplies

CCDC Spring 2022 Concert Supply List

CCDC Concert Supply List

Hair & Make-up

For all rehearsals and performances, all dancers should have hair neatly and securely fastened in a bun with hair net and pins unless stated otherwise in the supply list above.  Bangs should be combed back and fastened.  Dancers should be able to do their own hair and repair their own make-up.  Be sure to practice at home if you have hair changes.  A very effective method for getting hair up neatly is: wash hair, while hair is still damp, comb in mousse or gel, then put hair into a pony-tail elastic.  Form ends of ponytail around elastic.  Put hair net over whole bun.  Secure all with pins.  Use hairspray to catch any remaining wisps. 


For all stage rehearsals and performances, make-up should be done at home.  BE SURE TO PRACTICE MAKE-UP PRIOR TO THE PERFORMANCE.  This is a professional production and make-up should follow professional dance guidelines.  Students will wear full make-up and hair as required for all technical and dress rehearsals at the theatre May 11th – 13th.  We often set lighting during these rehearsals and need to see the dancers in full make-up. 


Required make-up is listed below: 

Up to 10 years old - Blush, Lipstick (clear plain reds only), Mascara 


All other dancers - Pancake Foundation, Blush, Eyeliner, False Eyelashes, Eye Shadow (neutral colors only, no greens or blues), Eyebrow Pencil, Mascara, Powder, Lipstick (clear plain reds only) 


Please send dancers with a hairbrush and comb, pins, hairspray, and makeup to the theatre.  A chaperone can help repair emergency problems IF YOU SEND EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR DANCER. 


Do not use any glitter make-up, tattoos, sequins, etc.   

Hair & Make-up


Tickets for the performance go on sale on Monday, April 4th at 9:30am. 


Please visit to purchase tickets.  Online ticket sales will end at 6:00pm on Friday, May 13th.  Tickets will be available to purchase at the door beginning one hour prior to each performance.  All tickets are assigned seating. 


Ticket prices are as follows: 


Children up to age 10: $16.85 

Adults: $21.85  


Program Advertising & Dancer Shout-outs

To help defray the costs of our elaborate production we offer local businesses the opportunity to advertise in our programs.  If you own or are associated with a local business, please consider placing an ad.  Your generosity will be recognized by the 400+ area residents expected to attend our performances.  The contribution you make educates the artists of the future and helps to keep the arts alive for generations to come.  Please support the young dancers and the growth of dance performance in your community. 


You can also celebrate your performer’s accomplishments and wish them well through a dedication line or display ad.  If you are interested in placing a program ad or dancer shout-out you can purchase your ad space online with your tickets or use the hyperlinked forms above. All program ads and shout-outs must be received no later than Friday, April 22nd. 

Program Ad & Dancer Shout-outs

Photo Shoot

Photographs are not permitted at any time while we are in the theatre.  It dangerous and distracting for the dancers and disturbs other audience members.  Because of this restriction, we do offer a photo shoot at the studio.  Your dancer’s costume(s) will be available during this time so that you may have pictures taken. 


James Ferry, a professional photographer who has worked with CCDC for many years, will be taking photographs on Saturday, April 30th, at the studio.  You may sign up for a time slot between 9:00am-1:00pm.  The online sign-up is available here.  Photography orders are handled directly by James Ferry and CCDC does not benefit financially from these sales.  Pricing information and order forms can be obtained at the front desk.  

Photo Shoot

Video Orders

BY CONTRACT, NO ONE MAY TAKE VIDEOS DURING PERFORMANCES EXCEPT FOR THE PROFESSIONAL VIDEOGRAPHER.  Any type of video recording during rehearsals and performances is strictly prohibited.  A professional videographer will be filming the Sunday, May 15th performance.  You can order a DVD or a USB flash drive for $40.00 each.  DVDs/flash drives can be purchased online with your tickets or by using this order form (cash or check only).  DVD’s may be pre-ordered or ordered in the lobby during the performance.  All DVD orders must be placed by Monday, May 16th. 

Video Orders

Shirt Orders

We are selling souvenir t-shirts (Youth S – Adult XXXL).  Prices range from $22.00-$25.00.  T-shirts can be purchased online with your tickets or by using this order form (cash or check only).  This is a great way to remember your experience in the Spring Concert.  Orders must be placed by Friday, April 22nd. 

Shirt Orders


* Are there regular classes at the studio during production week? 


If dancers have scheduled rehearsals or performances at the theater they will not have class at the studio on that day.  A more detailed schedule with class cancellations and changes for production week will be distributed at the end of April.  All students will have warm-up at the theatre before dress rehearsal and performances. 


* Do the dancers need to be there the entire time? 


Yes, dancers need to be at all rehearsals as scheduled.  Each rehearsal teaches a new and important skill!  Dancers will be dismissed according to the schedule.  ALL of these rehearsals are essential in creating a level of comfort for the dancers.  Children truly enjoy performing once their anxiety over this new and very different environment is eased. 


* I am scheduled to work backstage.  Can I just come when my child is called to the theatre or do I have to be there the whole time? 


You must be there the entire time you are committed to work backstage.  If you have to be at the theatre in advance of your dancer, ask someone to bring them later or arrange for someone to supervise them while you are at the theatre.  Each volunteer job is essential to the entire production, and your help during the times you have signed up for is critical to the success of the entire performance.  Each backstage worker will receive a schedule for their particular job. 


* How do the dancers keep from getting tired with this busy schedule? 


Children of all ages need to get plenty of sleep during the rehearsal process and especially the week before performance.  Remember it takes three days for the body to recover from a late night.  Eat regular meals, even if they are at odd times, with plenty of salads and carbohydrates.  Try and get a nap or quiet time whenever possible.  After Friday’s dress rehearsal and Saturday’s performance be sure your dancer eats a good meal.  They will need this energy for the following day’s performance.  The best way to prepare for late nights is to get plenty of sleep the week before. 


Parents, try and get a friend or a sitter to help with siblings.  As we have seen, dancers are fascinated by the prospect of a professionally produced production.  A tired and grouchy parent can turn an excited dancer into a puddle of tears.  Give yourself a break and get some help if you need it.  Try to find a carpool for rehearsals, put a couple of meals in the freezer ahead of time, and relax and enjoy this special event in your dancers' life. 


* Can I pick-up my dancer during the show? 


No.  No dancer may leave the dressing room area until the entire performance is finished.  


Production Week – May 11th – May 15th 
All rehearsals and performances will be held at  
Panther Performance Center at 1400 Panther Drive, Hampstead, MD 21074 

Production Week

Parents are not permitted to watch rehearsals from the audience.  Likewise, no one is permitted backstage unless scheduled to work as a volunteer.  Plan to drop your dancer off and then return to pick them up at the scheduled dismissal time.  Please park and escort your dancer to the lobby area.  There will be someone there to greet you and show the dancers to the dressing room.  Dancers will leave via the same door, so please arrive in the lobby at your child’s scheduled dismissal time. 


As we are putting on a professional level production, all dancers and volunteers are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times during production week.  Please review the following guidelines several times before production week to become familiar with the expectations. 



  • VIDEO CAMERAS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE THEATRE.  Recording of any kind is strictly prohibited and recording devices may be confiscated. 


  • NO PHOTOGRAPHS ARE PERMITTED AT ANY TIME IN THE THEATRE.  It is dangerous and distracting for the dancers.  Cameras in the audience may be confiscated.  Students may take pictures in the dressing room, but should be discreet about photographing only dressed dancers. 


  • REPORT TO THE THEATRE AT THE INDICATED TIME.  You will be shown to your space in the dressing room.  Warm-up and be prepared to dance.  You will be called to the stage when we are ready for you.  Be waiting.  We will not go looking for you. 


  • ALL DANCERS MUST BE SIGNED IN AND OUT FOR EACH REHEARSAL AND PERFORMANCE AT THE THEATRE.  The safety of your dancer is our main concern.  Please escort your dancer to and from the check-in table.  






  • DANCERS MUST BE QUIET AT ALL TIMES!  There is absolutely no talking, whispering, clapping, cheering, etc. allowed backstage.  Volume in the dressing rooms should be kept to a minimum.  Please bring a book, cards and other quiet things to do while you are waiting to rehearse. 


  • BE READY TO DANCE ONSTAGE AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME.  We have a very tight schedule to adhere to.  We will not wait for you! 


  • STUDENTS MAY NOT LEAVE EARLY.  Dancers will stay until dismissed by the director. 


  • HAIR AND MAKE-UP SHOULD BE DONE AT HOME.  There will not be time for this to be done at the theatre. 

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 

Graduation Ball Tech Rehearsal

Dancers should wear appropriate class attire with performance hair and make-up. 


3:30pm Arrival for Mazurka, The Sylph & Scotsman 

3:45pm Arrival for Pig Tail & Good Girl 

4:15pm Arrival for Ballet Company, Cons. 8/8A 

4:55pm Arrival for Cons. 6, Ballet 5, Teen Ballet 

5:55pm Arrival for Ballet 4, Cons. 5, Cons. 6A, Cons. 7 

9:15pm Approximate Dismissal Time (every effort will be made to dismiss Ballet 4 at 8:45pm) 


Thursday, May 12th, 2022 

Bon Voyage Tech Rehearsal

Dancers should wear appropriate class attire with performance hair and make-up. 


2:30pm Arrival for Tap 7/8, Jazz 8, Modern 8 

3:15pm Arrival for Modern 7, Jazz 7 

3:45pm Arrival for Modern 6A, Tap 6/6A, Jazz 6A 

4:30pm Arrival for Modern 6, Modern 5, Tap 5, Jazz 5 

5:30pm Arrival for Tap 3/4, Jazz 6, Jazz 2/3/4 

6:15pm Arrival for Hip-hop I, Hip-hop II, Hip-Hop III 

9:15pm Approximate Dismissal Time (every effort will be made to dismiss Levels 2-4, and Hip-hop I students at 8:45pm) 


Friday, May 13th, 2022 

Dress Rehearsal Schedule
  • Hair, headpiece, and make-up should be done at home. 

  • Bring costume(s) and dress at the theatre. 

  • No jewelry or nail polish is to be worn for any rehearsals or performances.  Do not bring any jewelry to the theatre. 


4:00pm  Arrival for Ballet Company (Warm-up 4:30-5:30pm) 

5:30pm Arrival for ALL dancers (Graduation Ball & Bon Voyage) 

8:45pm Dismissal for ALL dancers 


If your dancer is late, please be patient.  This extra time is only for the dancers’ benefit and comfort on stage.  Please check to see if Saturday’s arrival time has changed before you leave. 


Saturday, May 14th at 1:00pm & Sunday, May 15th at 3:00pm  

Graduation Ball & Bon Voyage 

Performance Schedule

Regular Saturday classes will NOT be held for dancers who are performing.  All students will have warm-up at the theatre. 


Saturday, May 14th 


10:00am Arrival for dancers in Conservatory 6 and above 


10:30am Warm-up on stage for dancers in Conservatory 6 and above 


11:45am Arrival for ALL dancers 


12:30pm House Opens 





Sunday, May 15th 


12:15pm Arrival for dancers in Conservatory 6 and above 


12:45pm Warm-up on stage for dancers in Conservatory 6 and above 


2:00pm Arrival for ALL dancers 


2:30pm House Opens 



  • As with dress rehearsal, hair and makeup should be done at home, no jewelry or nail polish is to be worn for any rehearsals or performances and do not bring any jewelry to the theatre. 

  • Report to the theatre at the indicated time and check-in with the doorperson.  You will be escorted to your dressing room. 

  • NO parent (unless assigned to work) is to be backstage during performances and intermissions. 

  • Dress at the theatre. 

  • You may not leave the dressing room during performances, and members of the audience may not visit backstage. 

  • Dancers may not leave on until their dressing room is clean and all costumes belonging to Carroll County Dance Center have been returned and checked off. 

  • Get plenty of sleep the week before the performance.  Remember, it takes three days for the body to recover from a late night.  Eat regular meals, even if they are at odd times, with plenty of salads and carbohydrates.  Drink lots of water. 

  • Post Performance Hints – The best remedy for post performance blues is regular class and contact with fellow dancers.  Make plans to meet with fellow dancers and talk about your performing experience.  Do something active; go swimming, make dance plans for summer or next year.  Parents realize this is a real phenomena; a result of both the physical and mental experience of performing, and hang in there if your dancer is blue and weepy.  We all miss it when it is over! 


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