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Class Demonstrations are prepared for visitor’s days as a performance opportunity for all students. Open House observations are held in winter, and again in spring, see calendar for dates. 

Student Concerts are held alternate years and provide a higher level of challenge to the student who desires to rehearse and perform. Student concerts are organized by age group, so that younger students may enjoy a shorter, simpler production while older students can be challenged in a fully professional environment. For the 2023-2024 season students in Levels 4 and above will be invited to participate in a June dance concert. The Ballet Company and some additional classes may be invited to participate in performances throughout the year. We encourage all students over the age of six who enjoy performing to participate in the annual Nutcracker production.

Ballet Company This performing group allows the motivated student who wishes extra performing experience to dance several times throughout the year in a variety of venues, community events, the Spring Concert, occasional competitions and other performance opportunities. Please contact the Director for more information. Auditions for Ballet Company are held in August and again after the Winter Break.

Summer Workshop and Dance Camp Studio Performances are the culmination of a week or several weeks of daily classes, rehearsals, and special classes such as make-up, music, dance history, dance film, etc. Students create their own costumes and sets, as well as learning, choreographing, and performing a dance or ballet.

Youth America Grand Prix Intermediate and advanced level ballet conservatory students may compete at YAGP. Students who are interested in competing should contact the Director no later than August 1st. Preparation for YAGP requires private coaching for an additional fee.

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