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All payments are non-refundable.

Dress Code


Parent/Guardian/Student Acknowledgement, Authorization and Release
The Carroll County Dance Center expects every adult student and parent or guardian of a minor student to read and agree to the policies prior to enrolling. Your completed online registration is verification and confirmation that you agree to The Carroll County Dance Center's policies, that you understand that the nature of dance instruction sometimes requires physical correction of the alignment of the student’s body, that the responsible party realizes there is always a risk of accident or injury inherent in any physical activity, including a dance program, and, in the event of injury, authorizes The Carroll County Dance Center to obtain emergency treatment on such adult student’s or minor student’s behalf. Your completed online registration verifies that you further release The Carroll County Dance Center, its officers, directors, and employees from all liabilities for injuries or property loss or damage arising out of participation in The Carroll County Dance Center’s programs. Your completed online registration is verification and confirmation that you understand that Carroll County Dance Center retains the right to use any photography, video recordings, or any event or class for publicity or any other legitimate purpose.

Make-ups and Absences
Missed classes must be made up if the student wishes to maintain the level achieved. Limitations placed on a student by a physician are respected, but all classes missed must be made up within one month of the absence. Injured students are expected to watch class. If a student is sick or injured, the student’s parent/guardian must call the studio at (410) 795-3255 to let us know that the student is ill or injured.  Please call the studio to schedule make-up classes as needed.

Class Schedule Changes, Snow Closings, News
The Carroll County Dance Center and Ballet Conservatory reserves the right to adapt the schedule and teachers as deemed necessary. Please refer to our website for the most current schedule, and listing of full, modified or cancelled classes. Information regarding closings, inclement weather, or other matters can be found on our website, Facebook page, and answering machine. We do not go by any specific school system for delays or closings.

Withdrawal Policy
All tuition is non-refundable. There is a two-month minimum for all lessons. One-month notice from the first of the month is required to discontinue any classes. Withdrawal must be done at the studio front office and not with the teacher. Withdrawal must occur within the first 7 days of the month. We will not accept withdrawal notice for the 2024-2025 season after March 7, 2025. To withdraw from classes a parent or adult student must:

  • Inform studio administration in writing, or

  • Complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by the studio office.

If making semi-annual or annual payments, a refund will be given for the balance due after the one month notice.


Carroll County Dance Center Code of Conduct
Click here to review the Carroll County Dance Center Code of Conduct in its entirety.

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