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Summer Programs 2023

Imagine this 👇🏻

It’s a gorgeous day outside… the sun is shining, the grass is beautiful and green, the birds are chirping, the heat is peeking through, and you’re sitting there with your morning cup of coffee/tea reading a book.

Your space is peaceful and rejuvenating, when all of a sudden you hear the crushing of your silence with the biggest thud ever.

The sound of screaming children knocking at your door asking you, “Mom/Dad/Adult, what are we doing today? Can we go to the park? What about the beach or the lego store? What about….”

Or maybe you have to get to work, because our schedules don’t all get to change just because it’s summer, and you’re worried about how you’re going to fill your child’s day with all the activities that will have them:

☀️ burning their energy

☀️ learning and exploring

☀️ making new friends

☀️ tapping into creativity

☀️ challenging themselves

And let’s face it, exhausted and ready for bed!

CCDC has you covered with our extensive summer program including camps, classes, and intensives.

There truly is something for everyone!!

Check out these snapshots of what we have planned for you 👇🏻

To learn more about our Summer Programs + get registered, click HERE

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