Congratulations on a wonderful show!

  Please join us for the Ballet Company Showcase featuring The Little Mermaid and the contemporary ballet Voyager.  Tickets now on sale!  You can purchase your tickets here. 

The Ballet Company Showcase will be held at South Carroll High School on Saturday, June 4th at 5:00pm.

Please see below for the Ballet Company rehearsal schedule for May 20-22.

Friday, May 20th

1:30-3:00  Voyager - 4th Movement


3:30-5:00  Little Mermaid, Princess, Prince

Saturday, May 21st

1:45-2:45  Voyager – 3rd Movement


2:45-3:45  Voyager – 5th Movement (Full Cast)


4:00-5:00  Sylphs & Sylph Soloist


5:00-5:45  Little Mermaid, Princess


5:45-6:30  Sea Witch, Little Mermaid

Sunday, May 22nd

1:45-2:45  Warm-up


2:45-3:45  Court Ladies, Sailors, Little Mermaid


3:45-4:30  Sea Witch

3:45-4:30  Voyager - 3rd Movement


4:30-7:00  Court Ladies, Sailors, Little Mermaid, Princess

Spring 2022 Student Concert