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We thank you for your patience and understanding as we undertake the endeavor of offering virtual instruction for the 2020 – 2021 season. Please expect there to be bumps in the road as we navigate new technologies and teaching methodologies. This will be the first time most of our staff will be teaching in person and Zoom students simultaneously and it may require an adjustment period for all of us. If things go smoothly, then we can all be pleasantly surprised! 

Getting Started + Advance Preparations

  • Sign up for a free basic Zoom account at
  • Download the app onto whatever device your dancer will be using (i.e. phone, computer, tablet, etc.). You will need to have the app downloaded and be signed into your Zoom account in order to participate in class.
  • The ideal set up is a computer hardwired to the internet and then connected to a large screen monitor via HDMI cable. You can use a tablet or smartphone as well. Be sure the device has a working camera, microphone, and speaker.

Preparing A Dance Space

  • Designate a space with as much clear, open area as you can.
  • Remove any tripping hazards and distractions.
  • Hardwood or laminate/vinyl floor is best.
  • Do NOT tap dance on a floor that you are worried about damaging. If you have a small square of plywood you can lay that down over carpet or flooring that might get damaged. Another option is to lay down cardboard and use that as a tapping surface. If none of these are an option, you can always tap in jazz shoes or sneakers on whatever floor is available.
  • Try to find a space that is in a quiet area of the house where your dancer will not be distracted by other family members.
  • Dancers who use the barre in their classes can use a chair, table, counter top, or wall to hold on to.

Preparing Your Dancer For Class

  • Don’t forget to have your dancer use the restroom before class begins.
  • Dancers should wear their regular class attire and have their hair pulled back appropriately.
  • Make sure your dancer is wearing the correct dance shoes for class.
  • Position your device on a flat surface so that the teacher will be able to see your dancer’s full body. You may want to mark the floor so your dancer will know where to stand.
  • Be sure to turn the volume on your device all the way up.

How To Join Class

  • Close all other apps and programs on your device that may impair your internet connectivity.
  • Five minutes before your class is scheduled to begin, sign into your Zoom account on your device then: 

1) Login to your Studio Director account here.
2) Scroll down to Upcoming Classes.
3) Find the correct class/day/time.
4) Click on the link. (i.e. Zoom Studio 1 Monday). This will take you to the waiting room. Your teacher will admit you into the class when they are ready.

  • Be sure to allow your device to connect audio and video so that the teacher can see and hear you.
  • Once you join the class, click on the video of the studio. In the top right corner of the studio’s video, a blue box with three white dots will appear. Click on that box and select Pin. That will make the teacher’s video feed be the primary image your dancer sees. Please do not allow your dancer to change their Zoom name. Kimberly uses the Zoom names for attendance and it can be difficult to figure out who Zena Princess Warrior is.

What will class be like?

  • Different! Please come to class with a flexible mind and body!
  • The CCDC faculty have been working hard to modify their lessons to accommodate both the Zoom dancers and the in-person dancers.
  • All classes will be dismissed 5 minutes prior to the scheduled end time to allow for dancers and teachers to transition from one class to the next. *Dancers with back to back classes in the same Zoom studio can stay signed into the meeting, if classes are in different Zoom studios dancers will need to leave and join the appropriate meeting for their next class.

Friendly Reminders

  • Please be on time for class! As a safety precaution, the teacher has to admit each student into class.  If you are late, the teacher will have to stop their instruction and walk over to their device to admit you.  This will be extremely distracting, especially for our younger dancers. 
  • If you will be absent please email to let us know.
  • DO NOT share the class link with anyone. These are closed classes.

If you are having any problems at all please call the studio immediately (410) 795-3255 so that we can troubleshoot the issue. Thank you in advance for being flexible and working with us to provide all dancers, whether at home or in person, with the best experience we can during this time.

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