Student Concert 2019 Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal for Saturday, May 4th

These rehearsals are mandatory.  All students are expected to attend all rehearsals per the contract every family signed and turned in.  All dancers need to arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before their scheduled rehearsal time.  Dancers should be prepared to dance on time, dressed in their regular class attire with hair appropriately pulled back.

1:45-3:30pm   Alice, Scenes 1-9

     Caterpillar & Butterfly                     Sat Cons 6                        Ms. Jessie

     Walrus, Carpenter, Oysters           Mon Cons 7                     Ms. Debbie     

Ballet Company: Alice, Looking Glass, White Rabbit, Looking Glass Insects, Frog, Fish, Cook, Duchess, Dancing Table, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse

3:30-5:30pm   Alice, Scenes 10-14

     Cards                                                   Sat Cons 5                        Ms. Karen

     Rose Cards                                         Thurs Youth/Teen          Ms. Debbie

     Rose Waltz                                         Thurs Cons 8                   Ms. Jessie

     Heart Children                                  Tu&Wed Ballet 4            Ms. Becky

Ballet Company: Alice, White Rabbit, King & Queen of Hearts, Herald, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Hedgehog, Duchess, Cook, Frog, Fish, Wickets, Tarts & Knaves, Flamingoes, Executioner

5:45-6:30pm   La Vivandiere

      Ballet Company

Rehearsal for Sunday, May 5th 

12:00-1:00pm Ballet Company Warm-up for Cons. 6 and above

1:00-2:00pm   Paquita

      Ballet Company

2:15-4:15pm   The Greatest Show

     The Field Trip                                    Tues Modern 5               Ms. Karen

     On a Spree                                         Tues Modern 6               Ms. Karen

     Ringmasters                                      Thurs Tap 7/8                  Ms. Wendy

     Afrocircus                                          Mon Jazz 5                       Ms. Jenn

     Candyman                                         Tues Tap 6                       Ms. Wendy

     Who Will Watch the Watchmen   Sat Modern 8                  Ms. Karen

     Revolution                                         Wed Hip-hop (11-13)    Ms. Stephanie

4:15-5:00 pm  The Greatest Show – FULL CAST

5:00-7:00pm   The Greatest Show

     Beautiful People                               Tues Jazz 6                       Ms. Wendy

     Circus Performers                            Mon Jazz 7/8                   Ms. Jenn

     That’s Entertainment                      Thurs Tap 4/5                  Ms. Wendy

     Circus Freaks                                     Wed Hip-hop (8-10)       Ms. Stephanie

     Bread & Circuses                              Sat Modern 7                  Ms. Karen

     Rebels                                                 Wed Hip-hop (14+)        Ms. Stephanie

     Send In The Clowns                         Thurs Jazz 3/4                 Ms. Wendy


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